We want to see your best work!

We accept submissions to five categories, listed below.  Please submit to only one category of work at a time.

Creative nonfiction: up to 2500 words — nonfiction real bits from real life, feel free to take some creative liberties.

Flash: maximum 500 words — can be either fiction or nonfiction (please indicate which on your submission)

Poetry: maximum 3 poems — we have no form or length requirements for poems, although we would prefer to publish shorter ones.

Collections: have something to say about…just about anything? Essays, social commentary, reaction to popular culture, politics, world news — we want to read what you have to say! Up to 2000 words.

And if none of these more general categories have tickled your fancy, why not try your hand at something like this….

What’s in your Junk Drawer?: we want a list of what’s in your junk drawer. Literally. A list. That’s it. Call it an avant-garde (or is it postmodern?) form of poetry, a flash flash fiction, or a mental checklist. Air out the home of those two clothespins, stale breadcrumbs, forty-six pennies, a rusted wedding band, two bandaids (used-ick!) that we usually keep hidden.

We ask that you let us know with your submission if you are submitting it somewhere else and withdraw your piece from us if it is published elsewhere. We do publish reprints of pieces on a case-by-case basis, please let us know if your piece has been published before, when and where it was published, and any relevant copyright information in your submission email. Please submit your work in .doc or .docx format and in a standard 12-point font.

Submissions that include implications of sexual assault, needless erotica, or promote hateful viewpoints will not be accepted. In addition, submissions that don’t fit our guidelines simply won’t be read.

If your piece was originally written in a different language, please send us both the original and the English translated copy — we’d love to publish both at once!

We review pieces on a rolling basis but please be patient with our response time as we work across time zones.

Email with your work (only 1 nonfiction or collections piece and no more than 3 poems, diary entires, or flash fictions at one time please) and a short cover letter bragging to us a little about you, why you write, and include one-two sentences about why your identity as a woman or female-identifying person is important to you — or why it’s not!

We can’t wait to read your stuff!

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