About Us

Welcome to La Scrittrice! Italian for “the woman writer,” La Scrittrice really embodies the raison d’etre behind our site. We chose this name to connect to our central message of creating a place to celebrate and linger within the creations of female and female-identifying writers.

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Our Team

Kate Donati – Editor in Chief
Kate is currently in her final year of pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Italian Cultural Studies at the College of William & Mary. The blogger, world traveler, yoga-teaching vegetarian has been restless ever since returning from the extended tipsy sabbatical some call studying abroad and she definitely wants to talk to you about it. She tweets and Instagrams, drinks excessive amounts of decaffeinated green tea, and still loves to read under the covers with a flashlight. Welcome! 

Lindsay Sutherland – Nonfiction Editor
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Lindsay has grown up surrounded by books and she dedicates much of her time, both personally and professionally, to the written word. Lindsay has been working in publishing for over 15 years and has overseen the editing and publication of a number of fiction and non-fiction works. Lindsay lives in Toronto, ON with her husband and son and can most often be found picking up a new read for her always growing to-be-read-pile.

Jessica Drake-Thomas – Poetry Editor
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Jessica Drake-Thomas is a poet and fiction-writer, tarot reader, and former college English professor. She holds college degrees from Tulane University, Emerson College, and the University of Arizona. She is the author of a chapbook, Possession (dancing girl press).

Olivia Shalhoup – Collections Editor
Olivia is a Gemini who resides in Los Angeles, CA after graduating from AU in Washington, DC. She has a background in music and artist development, as well as poetry and music journalism. After a brief stint in International Relations, Olivia works in the music industry. Olivia is the Founder & Creative Director of Amethyst Collab, and is passionate about advancing the position of Women in the world, but especially in the arts.

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