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Cosa significa “La Scrittrice“? La Scrittrice is Italian for “the woman writer.” We chose this name to really connect to our central message of creating this place to celebrate and linger within the creations of female and female-identifying writers.

Why women-only? We did not set out to be exclusive when we began to think of creating this space, but as we brainstormed further we realized that the stories we really wanted to uplift, share, and, ultimately, read were stories written by people from various backgrounds with diverse intersections, identities, and personalities but with similar experiences living in this world as a woman or woman-identified person.

What are you looking for? All of our guidelines for submission are on our Submissions page but more generally we’re looking for the kinds of stories that leave us with questions or feelings that we can take out into the world around us. Show us a new way of thinking, a new kind of empathy, a new method of cracking jokes to make us laugh. Leave us with something more — that’s what we want this space to be about.

Can I submit? If you meet our sole requirement to be a female or femme-identifying writer, yes please! Find all of our submissions guidelines on our Submissions page.

Where can I find your recent stories? You can find all of our published issues here or find all of our published pieces by category here.

How many issues do you publish in a year? We accept submissions year-round and aim to publish 4 issues a year — 1 per season.

I submitted! What are my rights as an author? As an author, you must hold all the rights to your work when you submit to La Scrittrice. We ask for First Northern American Serial Rights as well as the non-exclusive right to publish your work on our website. Copyright reverts to the author upon publication.

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