Time Accordioned // Poetry

elisa subin

Time accordioned
Bent and creased at every inch
Funny how I was disappointed
Folded like a construction-paper fan
Exhausted on a stale summer day
I expected more
You maybe
Or at least a ghost
Of you
Smiling, a milk shake in one hand
The other, waving me over
But maybe that’s not how it works
Eraser chalk floating in an
Old classroom
Is just that
But breathe it in
Take a deep breath
And it becomes part of you

Elisa Subin
Elisa Subin is a poet whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in Scryptic, Not One of Us, Hevria, and Kveller. “As to why I write…the truth is simple. I have no choice. My poems are autobiographical, and they demand to be shared. My identity as a woman is critical because my poetic essence is purely female. But female on my own terms.”

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