Letter from the Editor – Issue Three

Another season, another collection of writing from wonderful women on La Scrittrice! This summer dragged on in the way that time manages to stand still as it also never stops propelling us all forward. Personally, I’m pretty tired of living in this in-between season of not-quite summer and not-yet autumn and cannot wait for the cool, and stable, relief of true fall.

I’m so proud of all of the work we are publishing in this issue, including our very first nonfiction piece from Michelle Rae Kissinger! Michelle’s piece I See You reflects the liminal space of this season as she explores the time between her mother’s accident and her placement in the US foster care system and she hides nothing in the spaces between her lines.

The poetry we’re publishing this month comes from such a wide variety of authors that we were surprised when we found common themes running throughout much of it. Jessica Frank’s “If Real Life Worked like my iPhone” touches on heartbreak in the digital age while Elisa Subin’s “Time Accordioned” immerses you in the nostalgia of loss in a different way. Elodie Barnes’ piece “Seasonal” comes as a beautiful relief with its fragrant imagery and belief in love and Beate Sigriddaughter’s A Perfect Man flash fiction is almost too relatable for many of us and we can’t help but smile in recognition.

La Scrittrice is in its third quarter now, rounding the home stretch on our anniversary, and I know I can speak for all of the editors when I say how excited we are for that milestone! We’re also, frankly, scared as hell. La Scrittrice is a place that is so personal for everyone who visits and contributes to it and we want to do the absolute best that we can to serve our community and stay true to our mission as we move forward. I’ll be honest, that goal sometimes seems as though it’s slipping away when life distracts us and takes us away from this place for a while.

Overall, I have faith in this space and in all of our writers and all of our readers and I know that what we are creating is special enough to thrive if we remain dedicated. So this is our renewed pledge to you as editors. We want La Scrittrice to become a place of refuge and recognition for as many women as we can possibly reach — but we can’t do that alone. We need you. Our readers, our writers, everyone hovering somewhere in-between, all of you. Please, continue to submit and continue to engage with the stories we publish and please please continue to tell us what you need from us in this space. (That’s what our contact section is for!)

This is a space for all of us, help us to make it the best we can.

Happy almost-autumn! Vi vogliamo bene. 


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