I know you can invade even gravity (and the realms of my rambling heart) // Poetry


I walk on the
street, my
best friend next
to me, dusk waxing
our skin. I remember
our first stroll to

the Linguistics campus, her
glittery freckled
smile cheap spiral
notebooks tiled

balcony flooded in
sex memories. Back to the homebirth

puddle, her red noisy
Passat – a station
wagon as big as our envied
belly laughter – still belting
summer hits. That was before

we started rockin’
marble glances on
cemetery induction
days, a series of
catwalks smearing our

twenties vanilla-flowered
skies, like the one with mahogany
casket carrying
my mother. Now she

praises the younger ex as a prodigal
son, and we keep walking one
next to the other – but tonight, every silence

is a leap off the icy truffle
Belgian concrete. I swoop on wobbly

reverie, twisting from
white to
pink like cotton
candy on Sunday
morning funfairs, and

                                         up there you stand.

Chiara Crisafulli
Chiara is a 34-year-old full-time traveller and unpublished author. She writes in Italian and English and wrote her first poem when she was 6 years old. She is currently looking for a home for her first poetry book. In the last ten years, she has been living and travelling in different countries, including selling her house to travel. “[In my poem] I picked what gives voice to the feminine in ordinary things. I see the uniqueness of my identity as a woman in the complications of travelling solo – but it’s through writing that I can really discover who I am.”

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