Letter from the Editor — Issue Two

La Scrittrice is Italian for the Woman Writer. Our mission is to provide a platform where female writers are supported and given a place to be heard. The experience of being a woman is as vast as an ocean and as constantly changing as the moon. It’s messy and (un)lovely—and it refuses to be defined or placed in a box.

I believe that Lauren Scharhag’s “Goddess Poem” accurately states the editorial vision that I had for the poems in this issue:

“We are told,
we nymphs, we daughters of the sea, that we must
give up our voices, our skins, to be loved by men,
either altogether or doomed only to parrot
what we are told. We are told that we must not
rock the boat, that we must not change the tides,
even when we can.”

To be a woman writer is not only to be a part of a long tradition documenting the female experience and sharing collective wisdom. To be a woman writer is to speak out against those who would have us be silent. Whether you have felt that you are a female from birth or have come to find that you identify as female along the way, you are a part of this tradition.

As the poetry editor, I’ve had the pleasure of reading poems which explore the interior lives of female poets—their hopes, their desires, their struggles, and their successes. The experience of finding myself in a position to support and connect with other writers, for me, has been both humbling and inspiring.

On behalf of the staff here at La Scrittrice, I want to tell the writers in this issue: Thank you for entrusting your work to us. Thank you for sharing your words. We are in awe of your talent and we appreciate your vulnerability.

Best Regards,

Jessica Drake-Thomas
Poetry Editor

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