Diann // Poetry


I kissed death
Her blue eyes burned
She said
You will never love anyone more than me
And I laughed with her
Sure as youth will be that
Time erases everything

She eased me onto the staircase
Eyes peeling
Hands unraveling

Cast into her night
She whispered to me–
You would not dare to betray me

Hearing leaves
Something rushing past
I let down my hair
So we could dream together
While I was sleeping

I dared life
When I kissed her
Not caring where it would lead
How could I know
Oblivious death would follow.

Arya F. Jenkins
Arya F. Jenkins’s poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared in numerous journals and zines. “I’m a bilingual, bicultural, pansexual woman who sees herself as a citizen of the world rather than someone to be fitted into a niche and I have been writing as far back as I remember in order to make sense of my life and the world at large.”

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