Letter from the Editor – Debut Issue

As the sun cracks like an egg over the horizon this morning, all of us here at La Scrittrice are taking a collective deep breath. We are helpless momma birds, both watching with trepidation as our creation prepares to take its first leap and also nudging it out into the world. We are balancing on the precipice of celebration or disaster and honestly? I’m ready to embrace the unknowable abyss.

La Scrittrice started as something of a fever dream. I woke up one morning and the thought was eerily clear. It had been noodling around in my brain for a few months and I can’t tell you what pushed me to sit down and devote 2 straight days of my Thanksgiving break to setting up this space but suddenly this space was born. It was day 3 when I thought, oh shit I better do something with this.

Plenty of false starts, revising, soul searching, and countless cups of tea later we’re here! This morning our debut collection will be going live. Comprised of 4 poems written by wonderful female poets from across the world, I think Keana Labra’s poem Soft is the cornerstone piece of this debut collection for me. It represents the energy of the issue as a whole, a radiating & pervasive brand of calm and peace. Marzia D’Amico’s Nocturne is a tiptoe down creaky stairs that had me leaving my lights on at night. Amor Fraternal by Ledine Pereira struck a chord that reverberated around inside me for hours after I first read her piece. The queer identity is one that lives under constant scrutiny at the best of times and the constant threat of violence at the worst and Ledine’s piece navigates her space within this microcosm. Finally, Gosia Rodkicka’s the gift is a one-two punch that left me hollow with air blowing in-between my ribs. Not knowing is the real torture.

We have one goal for this space and one goal only: to celebrate the talents of female writers. We created this space so we could read the stories we feel like we could write. There is a shared history between everyone in this community, from the editorial staff to our authors to you, the readers. This community depends on all of us together and it is my pledge as Editor in Chief to always work to truthfully reflect this shared experience. Being a gatekeeper is not a job for a single person so I, and the rest of us here at La Scrittrice, are depending on you. Yes, you.

Benvenute a La Scrittrice. Vi vogliamo bene. 


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